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Shipping & Delivery
How long does shipping take?

AIRYCLUB is a global platform connecting customers to available online stores around the world. We strictly monitor quality, service, and delivery from these stores.Please choose the destination country first and the approximate delivery time will appear at the details page section.

What countries or regions do you ship to?

We ship worldwide. There may be particular locations that we might require additional information for shipping, but such cases are rare. In case this happens, we will get in touch with you ASAP.

How can I find out the estimated delivery date?

Orders typically are shipped within 3-5 days. To view the estimated delivery date, please visit My Orders then click "Details" for more information. You can check the package delivery progress anytime from this page.

Tracking interface example:

Do you ship to my home address or do I need to go somewhere to pick it up?

Except for some remote areas, we will deliver your order directly to the shipping address. Please enter the most convenient shipping address to receive your order.

Why was my order shipped separately?

We are a shopping platform for different stores. If the products you bought are from different stores on our website, the parcels will be sent out separately by different individual stores. You may click the "DETAILS" button on the Order Status page to see the tracking number.

Why did my package status not update for several days?

Sometimes it takes several days for the tracking information to be updated. If your shipment is from our international warehouses, it is in transit or clearing customs and the information will not be updated until it reaches the next shipping station (may need 3-7 days).

Sometimes the shipping company has not updated the package information. We suggest that you wait a few more days.

Why is my tracking number not working?

If this happens, there might be two reasons:

1. When we ship our packages to you there are no further updates from the shipping company due to the fact that your package is in transit. Once it has reached the next sort facility, it will update. It may take a couple of days (3-7 days) to see any activity once it has shipped out from our end. We suggest that you wait a few more days.

2. You may need to get the destination tracking number for some shipping methods. You can get the new tracking number when you track using the link sent to you in the confirmation email. If you still cannot find the updated tracking number, please contact us. We are willing to assist you on this issue.

What should I do if my item was shipped to the wrong address?

You're only able to change the shipping address before the order is shipped. Please note that if any of the items were shipped, it's impossible to change the address. We recommend contactng your local postal office with your tracking numbers to see if they can reroute your order to another address.

How do I place an order?

Placing orders online is as easy as one-two-three! To start, click here. A step-by-step process on how to order is shown there.

Can I order over the phone?

Unfortunately, ordering via phone is not available currently. You can place your orders directly from our website or smartphone using our app. If you need further assistance, our Live Chat representatives are ready to help you out. 

Is there a limit or a minimum to how much I can buy?

Absolutely no limit. You can order as much as you like. The sky is the limit!

How can I change the size/color of the item before shipment?

We apologize but order information cannot be changed once an order has been placed.

Please note: orders can be cancelled before shipment. Once the item is sent out, it can no longer be cancelled.

How do I cancel the order/item?

1. Click on your Profile icon on our website and go to "My Orders".

2. Click the order you want to cancel to open up the Order Details page.

3. In the Order Details page, click the "Cancel Order" button to confirm cancellation.

Refund from cancellations will be returned within 7-30 banking days.

How to cancel an order?

For unpaid orders, you can cancel directly from our website. Just find your unpaid order under My Orders and click "DETAILS", then confirm the cancellation.

For paid orders, you can cancel it before it is shipped.

Once the item is shipped, it can no longer be cancelled. Please check our return policy here. Thank you for your understanding.

How can I check my order status?

Log onto your My Account and click My Orders. You will find the Order Status there.

Can I change the shipping address once I paid?

Definitely! You can change your shipping address before the order is shipped. Go to My Orders and click "DETAILS“, then click "change shipping address" and a button will appear to confirm any changes.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit card & debit card, PayPal, and also local payments (country dependent). Please see Payment Method for detailed information about payments. In addition, OXXO, Boleto, Dotpay, Ideal, Sofort, and Trustly are accepted. 

Can I pay with currency other than US$?

With Airyclub, you can easily change the currency on the website to convert prices according to your chosen currency to better understand pricing. This is very simple:

1. On the top right portion of the website, click Currency to open the dropdown menu.

2. Select your currency to reflect prices in your chosen currency.

Is it safe to make orders on the web?

Yes, the transmitted data is encrypted by SSL. Only after the bank has confirmed the legitamacy of the placed order will payment be charged. If the bank informs us otherwise, payment will be cancelled.

Is Cash on Delivery (COD) available?

We apologize however cash on delivery is not available as of yet. For all orders, we currently accept PayPal as well as credit and debit cards from popular banks. You can check all accepted payment methods on https://www.airyclub.com/payment-method.html. We are, however, looking forward to incorporating this payment method in the future.

How can I pay if I do not have a credit card?

We are sorry to hear you don't have this payment method. If you don't have a credit or debit card, we suggest you use PayPal to complete the payment. PayPal is easy, fast and guaranteed to be safe. If you have a PayPal account, it is strongly suggested that you use this payment method. If you don't have PayPal, here is a quick guide on how to get an account:

1) Please click this link to be directed to the Paypal site : https://www.paypal.com

2) Click the "Sign Up Now" button

3) Next page, click "Create Individual Account"

4) Fill out the details and then click "Sign Up Now"

How can I pay if I do not have a PayPal account?

If you don't have Paypal, you have the option to use either a credit or debit card to complete your payment. We assure our customers that we do not retain nor save all information you have provided for payment. For further queries about your payment transactions, please consult your card-issuing bank for more information.

My payment won't go through!

If you're having difficulty processing payment, here are some commonly used tips that you can try:

Payment failed with my credit or debit card:

1. Make sure all information is correct, including the credit card number, expiration date, CVV code, and billing address.

2. Make sure you have enough credit or account balance.

3. Check whether your card is authorized or the default online transaction limit is too low.

4. Try refreshing the page or you may log out and log back in.

5. Start over with a new order instead of trying to pay for the same order over again.

6. If payment is still declined, you may need to contact your bank.

As a default security measure for all credit card banks, they may block international transactions/payments unless the cardholder proactively requested to unblock this settings on their payment cards.

7. You can also pay through PayPal with your credit or debit Card as a "Guest". It is very safe and easy to use.

8. Try using a different card.

9. Try using PayPal if you have PayPal account.

I failed to pay with PayPal?

1. According to our experience, PayPal may have a transaction limit. Please check this further with PayPal.

2. According to PayPal rules, the shipping address and the billing address need to be in the same country, otherwise payment will be declined.

3. If above is not working, we highly suggest you try with Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express), and Debit Card.

Why does the Payment Status show "Pending"?

Because your order has been held for a standard anti-fraud check by Airyclub.

But I already gave you my payment details - why do you need anything more?

Sometimes, unfortunately, unauthorized access is gained to others' credit card details and/or Paypal accounts.

These often try to use stolen details to pay for products bought online. When you pay us with your credit card or bank card, payment is processed directly through the bank. Therefore, you financial details or your credit card details were not disclosed to us.

For this reason, these measures are needed to confirm whether payments made were authorized by the account holders themselves. To protect everyone against fraudulent activities, we must apply these ID verification checks as necessary.

What can I do next so that my order gets processed?

You need to send us:

- Proof that you are the one who paid the order.

- Or if the order was paid by someone else, proof that the cardholder had authorized the payment.

What document do I need to provide?

Please provide us with the following documents:

-A photo of the credit/debit card used to place this order

-A copy of the card-holder's ID, such as a passport or driver's license

The photo must clearly show the cardholder's name and the last four digits of the card number. For security,we highly suggest that you mask or cover all other information not mentioned above.

Note: If you are using bankcards without a name stated on the card used for payment, it is necessary to provide us proof of payment.

How can I protect my privacy?

Please be assured that this is only a one-time verification process you must undergo. All your information will be deleted after payment is processed. We are not authorized to share nor sell any of your details to a third party. You can also hide any sensitive data such as date of birth as these are considered confidential. The name, however, must be shown clearly.

Does Airyclub charge for customs, taxes, VAT, or any other extra fees?

Once the order has been placed successfully, no further charges will be added. In some cases, there may be VAT or other taxes, custom duties, or fees mandatory for your country. However, based on our experience, such cases are very rare.

If you still have some concerns about the tax, you can learn more information about it as part by checking the local customs policy in your country. We will extend our help and assistance regarding this matter.

Where are you based and where are your products sent from?

Airyclub is an international e-commerce company originally registered in Hong Kong (HK).

We are a global platform connecting customers with merchants worldwide. Your order could be shipped from variety of locations and shipping methods are merchant dependent.

Do you have real stores?

We are an online shopping platform comprised of different stores. At the moment, we operate solely as an online e-ommerce company.

Simply place an order here and we will deliver your orders directly to your home.

What's your guarantee? I have never shopped online before.

Airyclub is guaranteed safe and secure.

1. We have direct connections with manufacturers so customers are assured of quality goods at affordable prices. Customers will be given the benefit to an order status on our site at any time. Check the "About Us" for more information.

2. Once orders are placed, customers can check their Order Status in our site. Once shipped, tracking numbers and courier service will be provided to check the most up-to-date status of their orders.

3. With tracking numbers, customers will be able to precisely locate their orders which are updated by the couriers themselves. We will deliver your orders right to your doorstep.

How do I choose the right size?

Please note that you can find the "size chart" above the size or size details in the product description. Note down your exact measurements and compare to the size details provided for the best fit of each product.

Do you have a phone number?

We apologize, a phone number is unavailable at the moment. For assistance, feel free to bring your questions and/or concerns over to our live chat service.


Contact: service@airyclub.com

Do you support wholesale?

Unfortunately, we do not support wholesale at this time but purchasing in bulk is provided.

Returns & Refunds
 How do I request refund?

We hope our customers will be satisfied with their purchase. In some cases, you may not like what you ordered or the wrong sizes were ordered. If so, you can request refund within 30 days from the date your order was successfully delivered.

How to request refund?

To process a refund, please go to the Order Details page, click the "Request Refund" and fill out all the information needed. Our team will process your refund application as soon as possible upon request.

When will I get my money back?

The money will be credited back to the account used for payment within 7-14 business days. The order status will then be changed to "Refunded" thereafter.

Can I exchange an item?

We are sorry that your item doesn't fit the way you wanted. Unfortunately, we currently do not offer item exchanges. We may be able to help return an item if it does not meet your satisfaction. For more information on our return policy, please visit www.airyclub.com/return-policy.html

Where's my refund?

You can check the status of your refund by visiting My Orders  and check DETAILS. You will see the refund status on the ORDER DETAIL page. If you still have trouble finding the processed refund, we suggest you contact the bank or payment provider for more information.

*If you paid using EBANX OXXO or EBANX Boleto, your refund may show as one of the following:

A credit returned to your EBANX account.

A money transfer to the bank account linked to your EBANX account.

 How long does it take for the refund to be processed?

Once a refund request is received, we will initiate the refund process within 24 hours.

If you paid the order using PayPal, the refund will be credited back to your Paypal account. Meanwhile, it will take approximately 30 days to receive the refund paid using a credit card via our PayPal account as it is still dependent on your bank's processing time.

For other payment methods, the refund will be credited back to the account used for payment within 7-14 working days, but it is still dependent on your bank's processing time.

Why did I get a refund if I didn't request it?

If items were marked as Refunded, this means the items are out of stock and cannot be fulfilled. Therefore they are refunded and we apologize for the inconvenience caused. Please visit My Orders  and check "Order Status" to see which item(s) has been refunded and the details of such action.

Refund will be processed and credited back to the account used for payment within 7-14 days, depending on the bank processing time.

Managing Your Account
What should I do if I did not receive a confirmation email?

Usually, confirmation emails are automated. This is sent to the email address you used when placing the order. If you did not receive a confirmation email, you may have registered your email incorrectly or the email might be in your spam folder.

Please check it again or check your Spam/Promotions/Updates boxes and Junk Folders.

You may log into your Airyclub account and click "My Orders" button to see your payment status. If the payment status is "PAID", it means we have received your payment.

Why can’t I log into my account?

Usually this happens when you have entered the wrong email address or password. We suggest you try the method below:

1. You can try to set a new password.

2. Or, if you registered an incorrect email address, you can contact us through service@airyclub.com to update your email address.

How do I change my password?

Please click "My Account" and find Account Settings. You can change the password as instructed.

What should I do if I forget my password?

For security purposes, we do not save our customers' passwords. If you forgot your password, click here to create a new one: www.airyclub.com/forgotpassword.php

How do I unsubscribe to your email?

Please unsubscribe first by clicking the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the newsletter. If that doesn't work, please get back to us for further assistance. Thank you for your understanding.